Episode 52: Decision Fatigue

This week, Kelly & Caroline are fighting back against decision fatigue. And they have a lot to say on the topic! Do you feel like you're overwhelmed by just the sheer number of decisions you have to make EVERY SINGLE DAY? The Chatty Sisters have some strategies for reducing decisions so you can save your mental energy to focus on what really matters. Caroline talks about how she automates bills and household purchases. Kelly shares her strategy for automating her workouts, the dreaded decision of "Where are we going to eat out this week?" and food shopping. This episode is jam packed with life hacks and they can't wait to hear your tips as well!

Episode 51: Summer Bucket Lists

The Chatty Sisters have made it pretty clear the last couple weeks they're really pumped that summer is coming. But just in case it wasn't obvious enough, Kelly & Caroline are chatting about what they want to do this summer. They talk bucket lists: why they like them, what's on their list, how they feel if they don't check everything off the list. As usual, they go on some random run tangents like decision fatigue, going to the same restaurant every week, the most efficient way to vacation, and more.

Episode 50: Sports!

This week, the Chatty Sisters talking about sports. Their first childhood memories about sports, what they played growing up, sports they play now, and how sports influenced their life. Caroline recounts her glory days as an athlete. Kelly talks about how she plans to approach sports with her own kids. Both sisters agree the LOVED middle school sports the best. It's just a random good old fashion sister chat. We can't wait for you to join in!

Episode 49: Marriage

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK, amiright?! This week, the Chatty Sisters are discussing all things marriage. Caroline & her fiancé, Dan, are just over two months away from their wedding day (eeee!!! :)) and Caroline has tons of questions for Expert Wive, Kelly, who has been married for 8 years now. They discuss questions like, "Is the first year of marriage REALLY the most difficult?" and "How do you feel about taking your husband's last name now, 8 years and 2 kids later?" Kelly & Caroline also share listener advice when it comes to building a strong & healthy marriage. They can't wait to hear what you think on Instagram @chattysisterspodcast!

Episode 48: Stress & Anxiety

This week the Chatty Sisters find a way to make talking about stress and anxiety fun as they reminisce about panic attacks (or ones that turned out not to be) and some looking-back-now kind of silly things they've worried about in the past. What was Caroline's biggest decision of her high school career? Why does Kelly pee multiple times before bed? Find out the answers to these questions, what has the sisters worried these days, and maybe even a few tips for calming down in this 48th episode. 

Episode 47: Jumping into Spring!

The temperature is (slowly) rising here in New England and we've been seeing the sun a LITTLE bit more in April than we did in March. The Chatty Sisters are SO ready for spring and a fresh start and positivity and all the Trader Joe's tulips that they dedicated a whole podcast to it. This week, Kelly and Caroline are reviewing their goals that they set at the beginning of the year and setting the intention to come back to the ones that they lost a bit in March. (Can we all just agree March is the worst month of the year??) If you want some motivation to put your winter clothes into storage, open up the windows and air out the stuffy house, and start spring cleaning- this is the podcast for you! Leave us your own positivity and motivation on Instagram @chattysisterspodcast!

Show Notes:

Episode 46: Pet Peeves

Turns out the Chatty Sisters have a lot of pet peeves!! In fact, they have to break them into categories like: technology, work-related, inefficiency, grocery store occurrences, soo many driving pet peeves, and just people being overall stupid. Sorry, they're not sorry. This is basically one full hour of rants, but don't worry, they keep it light, funny and work some positivity in there too. The Sisters hope this is an episode you can laugh along to and they definitely want to hear your pet peeves as well!!

Show Notes:

Episode 45: Houses and Homes

Kelly and Caroline celebrate "home anniversaries" by discussing what makes a house a home, what they love about houses and future projects for their home. They reminisce about secret passageways, Caroline offers to redecorate Kelly's house with a limitless budget and Kelly continues to want someone to follow her around putting shit away. This week's wine and love provides disagreement about snow days and gushing about waterpiks, calligraphy and inbox organization. 


Calligraphy class in Boston

Inbox Organization

Caroline's Favorite Instagram for Home Decor: @rhiannonmlawson

Episode 44: One Year Anniversary Currently

Today the Chatty Sisters are celebrating ONE WHOLE YEAR of podcasting together! They celebrate by sipping on some wine while discussing what's new in their lives. The Sisters talk about what they're currently watching, listening to, reading, wearing, obsessed with, and more! At the end, they briefly reflect on one year of podcasting: what they've learned and what their favorite episodes were. This episode is jam packed with Chatty goodness!! Lastly, Kelly & Caroline want to say THANK YOU to all their listeners who have supported them over the last year. They are SO grateful for each of you! Onto Year Two!

Episode 43: The Teacher Raises Kids and the Wedding Photog Plans a Wedding

We are SUPER excited for this episode. Today, the Chatty Sisters are talking about what it feels like to be on the "CLIENT" side of their profession. Kelly, a Kindergartner and mom of two young children, discusses what it's like to be a parent of a kid in school. She talks about how it's changed how she teaches, tips for parents of Kindergarteners and more. Caroline, a wedding photographer, discusses what it's like to plan a wedding while having worked in the wedding industry for the last five+ years. She shares how it feels to be on the other side and how to plans to change how she communicates with her Bride & Grooms going forward. There is sooo much juicy info and thought provoking convo in this one, you won't want to miss it!!