Episode 15: What's Your Personality?

Are you wondering if Kelly and Caroline are really as different as they claim? After weeks of agreeing with each other on everything (re: birthdays, hugging and how adorable Baby Jack is), this week the Sisters geek out on Myers Briggs personality types and show off how different they truly are. They explain what all those random letters mean (even if they STILL don't make sense), they try to guess each other's personality and they even get into the juicy details of what their significant others got on the test. Cue: *Light Bulb Moment*. Plus, the Sisters discuss Caroline's latest #homeownerproblems (hint: she STILL doesn't have working laundry!) and Kelly's #SAHM problems (hint: she still hasn't had a day off since 2014!). If you've been waiting to really get to know the Chatty Sisters, this is the episode to listen to!


16 Personalities Test

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