Episode 32: Saving and Printing Photos

For once, the Chatty Sisters have some true expert advice (thanks Caroline!) about managing digital photos. They chat about Caroline's #1 rule learned in photography school, why they think it's important to print photos and what companies they support. It wouldn't be a complete episode without Kelly's Stay at Home mom woes and Caroline questioning the next step in her career path. 


Digital Back Up

Printing Photos

Holiday Cards


(Most of the sites listed above also do Holiday cards, but remember what Caroline said in the episode- she can tell when people use Shutterfly)

Another cheaper holiday card option I forgot to mention is Snapfish

Digital Dark Age Article 

Why You Should Print Your Photos

JPeg Article

Kelly recommends: Family Memory Keeping, Preserving Memories (and our sanity)

Also, Zip Ponte Leggings

Caroline recommends: The Starbucks App