Episode 36: Birthdays and Bucket Lists

In honor of Caroline's 29th birthday, the Chatty Sisters are talking about birthday parties they loved as kids, feelings around turning 30, and bucket lists. Kelly & Caroline get sucked down another hole of all the places they want to travel to... everywhere from Hawaii & Alaska to Italy & Denmark. Caroline only needs to freeze time before she has kids to make this happen and.. well.. Kelly needs to go back in time?? As always, you'll hear a bit about the Sister's lives and some random tangents. Thank you for listening!

Episode 35: Personalities in Friends

What kind of people are you drawn to? Are you someone who looks for someone to lift them up or balance them out? Do you believe in the age old saying, "opposites attract"? This week, the Chatty Sister's tackle personalities once again, this time with a focus on friendships. Caroline shares all about her love for extroverts and... Leos (!?), while Kelly admits she lied on her college roommate application by saying she was "neat". Also, tune in to commiserate with the Sisters about Cyber Monday sales, life changes, and dying phones.

Episode 33: Family Traditions

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, the Chatty Sisters reminisce about family traditions they remember from childhood and how these traditions have changed and morphed into new ones over the years. For some strange reason, they both recall the stairs at their great-grandmother's house in great detail, even though Kelly and Caroline were probably about 8 and 4 years old respectively. As usual, they laugh a lot... mostly at Caroline's confusion at the concept of a food drive and her undying love for TSwift, and how Kelly is so. loud. though. #extrovertproblems 


The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Jane the Virgin CW TV show

Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation

What are some of YOUR favorite traditions, either current or from childhood?

Episode 32: Saving and Printing Photos

For once, the Chatty Sisters have some true expert advice (thanks Caroline!) about managing digital photos. They chat about Caroline's #1 rule learned in photography school, why they think it's important to print photos and what companies they support. It wouldn't be a complete episode without Kelly's Stay at Home mom woes and Caroline questioning the next step in her career path. 


Digital Back Up

Printing Photos

Holiday Cards


(Most of the sites listed above also do Holiday cards, but remember what Caroline said in the episode- she can tell when people use Shutterfly)

Another cheaper holiday card option I forgot to mention is Snapfish

Digital Dark Age Article 

Why You Should Print Your Photos

JPeg Article

Kelly recommends: Family Memory Keeping, Preserving Memories (and our sanity)

Also, Zip Ponte Leggings

Caroline recommends: The Starbucks App

Episode 31: On Quitting

Are you the type of quitter who makes pros and cons lists? Or do you prefer to leave when your gut tells you it's time? Find out which sister you are more like on this week's episode of Chatty Sisters, all about saying "I quit" both when you are SO ready to be done and also when you have mixed feelings. Also, Kelly finds a cop car parked in front of her house and Caroline actually reads a book! 

Episode 30: Home Organization Trouble Zones

In a follow up to Episode 5 (Spring Cleaning and Decluttering), Kelly and Caroline move past getting rid of things and talk about organizing problem spots in their house. Listen to learn why Kelly had to dump out her entire junk drawer before her weekend trip, what Caroline discovered Dan is secretly stealing from her, and why Caroline regularly runs through her house in search of underwear. ..And did Kelly have a Pinterest success story?! Get excited.

Episode 28: The One with a Little Bit of Everything

It's time to catch up with the Chatty Sisters this week! Have you been wondering how wedding planning is going for Caroline? Or how Kelly is doing with all those Back to School goals she set? (Do they even REMEMBER the goals they set a couple weeks ago?! Spoiler alert: Not really.) Kelly and Caroline also chat about comfy clothes they can wear that also look "put together", a weird vest that Caroline actually really might like, and what to do with all your child's adorable (....?) artwork. As always, we would LOVE it if you can share our podcast with a friend, leave a review on iTunes and follow us on Instagram @chattysisterspodcast. If you do, you might even get a shout out on the show!

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Kelly's Favorite Shorts

The Lazy Genius Podcast

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Episode 25: Motherhood

In honor of their grandmother who passed away last week, the Chatty Sisters are talking all about motherhood. Caroline asks Kelly all kinds of questions about her experience deciding to be and being a mom. This is an episode for not just moms or soon-to-be moms, but those deciding if they want to have kids, daughters, friends of moms, etc.!