Episode 42: Social Media

The Chatty Sisters are BACK(!) after a brief hiatus due to travel and sickness. Today, Kelly and Caroline are talking about social media: what we like, what we hate, what medias we prefer and which ones we just don't really get. We also talk about our first experiences with social media, including the beloved AIM (aka where all romances began between the years 2001 and 2006). They even discuss the challenging topic of raising kids in a world dominated by social media. Join along in the conversation on Instagram and Facebook and tell us: your AIM screen name, your favorite things to see on social media and your pet peeves!

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Show Notes:

Episode 41: How to Plan a Trip

If there's one thing you should know about the Chatty Sisters, it's that they LOVE to travel! This week, Kelly & Caroline are chatting about how they plan trips. Everything from how they save money for trips to where they go to get ideas to how/where they book the trip! They apologize in advance for alllllll the Jack in the background. He's cute though, right? ....Right? 


Show Notes:

Previous Travel Episodes: Episode 8 Trips Winn, Episode 9 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? 

Caroline's favorite travel bloggers: C'est Christine, Lauren Wells and World of Wanderlust

Capital One 360








Google Flights


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Episode 40: All Things Reading!

The Chatty Sisters are *finally* diving in to Kelly's favorite topic: reading! The Sisters chat about their first memories of reading, where/when/how/why they read, their favorite genres, and some of Caroline's random questions regarding reading. Here's another one: why is "read" spelled the same in the past tense and present tense, but not pronounced the same? No wonder English is such a hard language to learn! Anyways, if you love to read, you'll love this episode and probably want to curl up with a good book once you're done!

Episode 38: Hello 2018! (And Goals)

The Chatty Sisters are BACK with their first episode of 2017! This week, Kelly and Caroline are reviewing 2017 and talking 2018 "SMART" goals (lol. jk.). Synopsis: Kelly wants to keep her children alive another year and Caroline wants to maybe attempt to read a book and actually remember what it's called! Max makes an appearance (or two...) and will give you all a few laughs. He's tired of listening to the Chatty Sisters talk, but hopefully you guys are not!!

Episode 36: Birthdays and Bucket Lists

In honor of Caroline's 29th birthday, the Chatty Sisters are talking about birthday parties they loved as kids, feelings around turning 30, and bucket lists. Kelly & Caroline get sucked down another hole of all the places they want to travel to... everywhere from Hawaii & Alaska to Italy & Denmark. Caroline only needs to freeze time before she has kids to make this happen and.. well.. Kelly needs to go back in time?? As always, you'll hear a bit about the Sister's lives and some random tangents. Thank you for listening!

Episode 35: Personalities in Friends

What kind of people are you drawn to? Are you someone who looks for someone to lift them up or balance them out? Do you believe in the age old saying, "opposites attract"? This week, the Chatty Sister's tackle personalities once again, this time with a focus on friendships. Caroline shares all about her love for extroverts and... Leos (!?), while Kelly admits she lied on her college roommate application by saying she was "neat". Also, tune in to commiserate with the Sisters about Cyber Monday sales, life changes, and dying phones.

Episode 33: Family Traditions

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, the Chatty Sisters reminisce about family traditions they remember from childhood and how these traditions have changed and morphed into new ones over the years. For some strange reason, they both recall the stairs at their great-grandmother's house in great detail, even though Kelly and Caroline were probably about 8 and 4 years old respectively. As usual, they laugh a lot... mostly at Caroline's confusion at the concept of a food drive and her undying love for TSwift, and how Kelly is so. loud. though. #extrovertproblems 


The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Jane the Virgin CW TV show

Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation

What are some of YOUR favorite traditions, either current or from childhood?