Episode 61: Entertaining

On this episode of the Chatty Sisters, Kelly & Caroline cover entertaining. Since the holidays are right around the corner, this is often the most popular time of year to host a party or get together. The Sisters discuss what they like about hosting, what they don’t like, how much effort they put into hosting, what types of entertaining are their favorites, and their childhood memories of entertaining. As always, they go off on tangents including, but not limited to, the weather, skin care, and children’s books.

Episode 60: Preparing for the Holidays

This week, the Chatty Sisters are discussing what they’re doing to prepare for the holidays. They chat about how they decorate for the holidays, what they’re looking forward to, if they want to go sans-gifts this holiday season, and more. As usual, there are plenty of tangents including, Kelly discussing her new “quadrant” strategy for not overbooking their weekends. And so. much. laughing. Listen to the end to hear Kelly’s book recs and a podcast rec from Caroline.

Show Notes:

Nobody Talks About This Podcast

Episode 59: Building Systems for Efficiency

This week, the Chatty Sisters are discussing the changes they’ve made over the last few weeks in an effort to spend less time doing the things they don’t like and MORE time with the people they love! They’ve decided that putting a bunch of systems in place is the easiest way to save time, reduce decision fatigue and get things done! Kelly & Caroline are talking meal planning, “Wednesday Meeting”, shopping for household/cleaning items, work “emergency kit” and uniforms, laundry, packing lunch and more! This episode is jam packed with helpful tidbits to be more efficient and, of course, lots of laughs. They can’t wait to hear what your favorite systems are! Join the conversation on Instagram at @chattysisterspodcast!

Episode 58: Back to School

The Chatty Sister's are headed back to school! Well.. really just Kelly. But Caroline is here for it. Since November 2016, Kelly has been on leave from her job as Kindergarten teacher to stay at home with her two kiddos, Max & Jack. Now she's headed back and Caroline has all kinds of questions for her: how are you feeling going back to work? What are you most nervous about? How are you preparing the kids for this transition? Are you happy with your decision to take a leave from work to be with your kids full-time? The Sisters chat all things back to school, how much they hate housework, Fall goals, and more. Join them on Instagram and share how you're feeling about going back to school and your Fall goals!

Episode 57: Music Throwbacks

This might be the Sister's most absurd episode yet. Be prepared to laugh so loud you can't actually hear the music they're playing. This week, the Chatty Sisters are talking about some songs that take them back to a certain moment/time in their life. From the 90s, early 2000s to today, they reminisce on some of their most life defining tunes. Share YOUR favorite throwback tunes on Instagram @chattysisterspodcast!

Episode 55: Bachelorette Recap & Nature vs. Nurture

This week, the Chatty Sisters recap Caroline's Bachelorette weekend by the lake in New Hampshire and talk wedding weather nerves/fear of attention. They also discuss which side of the family their personality traits came from, how they are similar and different to their family members, and if they believe in nature vs. nurture when it comes to personality. This is the last episode for a couple weeks since Kelly & Caroline will be away celebrating Caroline & Dan's wedding, but they promise to return at the end of July for a wedding recap!!

Episode 54: The Best THINGS in Life

This week, the Chatty Sisters are talking about their favorite products- from current obsessions to those old reliables that they're still obsessed with. They cover beauty products, favorite apps, planners, suntan lotion, clothes, even pencil cases. Show notes and links to EVERYTHING can be found at chattysisterspodcast.com. Happy shopping!

V-Neck Pocket Tee’s from Target (Universal Thread) 

Vanity Planet Makeup brushes

Clinique Moisture surge

Olay Moisturizer with SPF

Essential Oils Starter Kit from Young Living

Jcrew Factory 3 ½ inch Chino Shorts

Nordstrom Juniors section for dresses

Sutherland Rocking Chair by Birch Lane from Wayfair


Fav Hard drives from OWC

Dark Sky Weather App

Poshmark (sign up with code CWINN5 to get $5 off)

Supergoop suntan lotion!!

Erin Condren planner

Amazon Prime

Genius scan app

Mobile pass app

Hopper app

 Clue app

Francesca’s jewelry and dresses

Target pencil case Dabney Lee brand? Was just a few dollars but keeps me from carrying around the box my pens came in

Waterpik flosser

Apple Music free trial

Jane app

Kindle Paperwhite

Episode 53: Wedding Planning

This week, the Chatty Sisters are talking wedding planning, specifically how Caroline is feeling 5 weeks out from her wedding. You'll here: how Kelly is coming along with her speech, if Caroline is finally over wedding planning (spoiler alert: the answer is yes), and what makes her most nervous for the day of. As always, the Sisters share some funny stories and get on random tangents. Enjoy!

Episode 52: Decision Fatigue

This week, Kelly & Caroline are fighting back against decision fatigue. And they have a lot to say on the topic! Do you feel like you're overwhelmed by just the sheer number of decisions you have to make EVERY SINGLE DAY? The Chatty Sisters have some strategies for reducing decisions so you can save your mental energy to focus on what really matters. Caroline talks about how she automates bills and household purchases. Kelly shares her strategy for automating her workouts, the dreaded decision of "Where are we going to eat out this week?" and food shopping. This episode is jam packed with life hacks and they can't wait to hear your tips as well!