Episode 22: A Chatty Sister's Coffee Date without Coffee

This week, the Sisters just kinda... catch up! It's been a couple weeks since they've talked and the Chatty Sisters are as chatty as ever. In fact, they never really get passed their wine & love segment. Catch up with the Sisters as they talk about their favorite adventures over the last couple of weeks, how they're sad summer is already coming to an end (the August breakdown is in full force!), and more. For some unknown reason they spend a lot of time talking about weddings, bridesmaid dresses and sequins. Don't ask them why. If you're looking to pass the time during your drive to the Cape this weekend or to work today, then Kelly & Caroline are coming to your rescue!

Episode 21: Meet the Guys, Part 2

This week, the Chatty Sister's introduce Kelly's Husband, Eric, to the podcast! Following in suit with Caroline and Dan the week before, Kelly and Eric ask each other some questions followed by some (slightly inappropriate at times) rapid fire questions. Hear all about how Kelly and Eric REALLY met, how they think they've changed since having children, where they really want to travel to, and so much more. You'll also FINALLY get to hear Eric's Boston accent (and his Russian accent..) so that is reason enough to give this a listen! :)

Show Notes:

Ogunquit Maine, Finestkind Scenic Cruises (lobster boat ride- fun for kids and adults!)

Barnstable Recreation

Science Vs. 

Episode 20: Meet the Guys, Part 1

You heard that right. Kelly & Caroline are finally bringing their men on the podcast! Due to scheduling restraints, the Sisters thought this would be the perfect time to introduce two of the most referenced people on the show: Dan & Eric. This week, Dan attempts to overcome his nerves and fill Kelly's big shoes (voice?) on the podcast. Caroline and Dan take turns asking each other questions, ending with a bunch of rapid fire questions. Tune in to hear Dan's take on how he met Caroline, what the opening scene to a movie of Dan's life would be (you will NEVER guess. Like actually.), what Caroline says she wants to see when she looks back on her life in 40-50 years, and a whole lot more!

Show Notes:

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Episode 19: How We Plan & Bullet Journals!

This week the Chatty Sisters respond to a listener request for more information about bullet journals! They share all about their love for planning and how they do it. Caroline sings the praises of a 3 task "to do" list and Kelly talks about her obsession with her "habit tracker." By the end of the episode, Caroline was lost in a sea of bullet journal Instagram posts and ready to buy her own. You never know, it might happen to you too! 

Kelly's Get to Work Workbook:

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Episode 18: Weddings, Part 2

The Chatty Sisters are back after a week hiatus for the Fourth of July and they have exciting news! Caroline is engaged! For all those who thought this would never ever happen (no? Just Caroline?), you will be pleasantly surprised as she rehashes the entire day, and shares all the things that maybe people don't talk so much about when they get engaged. (LIKE THAT IT'S AWKWARD. NO??? NO ONE ELSE???? haha.) Laugh along as Kelly and Caroline talk about social media "announcements", destination weddings, wedding guilt, and so much more. Caroline may even sort of ask Kelly to be her Matron of Honor on this show. Not that we're giving anything away or anything!

Episode 17: Generations

This week, the Chatty Sisters have just returned from an amazing swim in Walden Pond and they excitedly talk generations, goals, things they're loving, and more! They may not actually know where generations begin or end, the names of all the generations, or even if they are true "millennials" or not, but they attempt all the same. Jack also joins them this week, so if you're wondering what the constant background noise is.. that's him. They apologize in advance! Listen along for some solid entertainment during your long car rides throughout the holiday weekend! They can't wait to hear all about your baby boomer parents and thoughts on millennials! 

Show Notes:

Generation Stereotypes


Generation Years




Episode 16: Motivation

This week, the Chatty Sisters talk motivation. Specifically, how they can use Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies and what they learned last week about their own personalities to help them reach their goals. Caroline talks about her workout rut and Kelly explains why she doesn't always see the point of cleaning. The Sisters also decide they need to rename their infamous, "Wine & Love" section to #homeownerproblems since it seems like neither Kelly nor Caroline can catch a break in that department! Enjoy catching up with the Chatty Sisters in this fun episode- and, you never know, you might even learn a thing or two about how to motivate yourself!

Show Notes:

Gretchen Rubin's Quiz: The Four Tendencies

The Four Tendencies Explained


The Strangler Podcast

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Episode 15: What's Your Personality?

Are you wondering if Kelly and Caroline are really as different as they claim? After weeks of agreeing with each other on everything (re: birthdays, hugging and how adorable Baby Jack is), this week the Sisters geek out on Myers Briggs personality types and show off how different they truly are. They explain what all those random letters mean (even if they STILL don't make sense), they try to guess each other's personality and they even get into the juicy details of what their significant others got on the test. Cue: *Light Bulb Moment*. Plus, the Sisters discuss Caroline's latest #homeownerproblems (hint: she STILL doesn't have working laundry!) and Kelly's #SAHM problems (hint: she still hasn't had a day off since 2014!). If you've been waiting to really get to know the Chatty Sisters, this is the episode to listen to!


16 Personalities Test

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Episode 14: Birthdays & Getting Older

It's BIRTHDAY WEEK over here on the Chatty Sisters Podcast because Kelly just turned 33 yesterday! Join the Sisters as they discuss, is 33 "mid-thirties"? (Hint: NO!), are surprise parties actually fun?, how Kelly feels about being a whole year older, and more! As always, the Sisters catch up on life too.. like if Jack has decided to disown his mom, Kelly, during sleep training and how Caroline almost dropped dead and/or blew up her new house on Sunday. They hope you enjoy this fun, light-hearted conversation as much as they did!

Show Notes:

LaBelle Winery in Amherst, NH

Facebook Marketplace

Episode 13: The Random One

Welp. The Chatty Sisters are back and they recommend you listen to this one with a glass of wine in tow because the Sisters are all over the place today. Kelly has two kiddos at home and you hear from them both (a lot. Sorry in advance.) and Caroline has reached a state of complete exhaustion after moving and another photography-filled weekend, and just isn't making sense anymore. Together, the Sisters decide this would be a good episode to cheers with a glass of wine and discuss "weird things they are good and bad at". They told you it would be a random one! Just get ready for a lot of laughs, a lot of kiddo chaos, and a lot of confusion - you know, real life!