Episode 28: The One with a Little Bit of Everything

It's time to catch up with the Chatty Sisters this week! Have you been wondering how wedding planning is going for Caroline? Or how Kelly is doing with all those Back to School goals she set? (Do they even REMEMBER the goals they set a couple weeks ago?! Spoiler alert: Not really.) Kelly and Caroline also chat about comfy clothes they can wear that also look "put together", a weird vest that Caroline actually really might like, and what to do with all your child's adorable (....?) artwork. As always, we would LOVE it if you can share our podcast with a friend, leave a review on iTunes and follow us on Instagram @chattysisterspodcast. If you do, you might even get a shout out on the show!

Show Notes:

Kelly's Favorite Shorts

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Episode 25: Motherhood

In honor of their grandmother who passed away last week, the Chatty Sisters are talking all about motherhood. Caroline asks Kelly all kinds of questions about her experience deciding to be and being a mom. This is an episode for not just moms or soon-to-be moms, but those deciding if they want to have kids, daughters, friends of moms, etc.!

Episode 24: Healthy Hacks for Busy Lives

This week the Chatty Sisters share what they do (or don't do!) to stay healthy when life gets super busy. Together they strategize about how Caroline can stop making a big dinner at midnight on Saturday nights, and debate whether going to the grocery store daily or doing grocery delivery saves the most money. Of course there are a few unexpected interruptions like a 10 minute tangent about small talk and a toy in Kelly's playroom that Caroline finds very creepy! Find us on Instagram or Facebook to see a photo! 


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Episode 23: "OMG we're back again"

Everryyybodyyy. Please tell me you all got the Backstreet Boys reference. Okay, cool. SO the Chatty Sisters are back and kicking off "season 2" talking all things back to school, Fall goals, and all that fun stuff! They feel sooo good to be back, and they hope all their lovely listeners out there are just as excited as they are! So stop reading this description and just listen already!

Episode 22: A Chatty Sister's Coffee Date without Coffee

This week, the Sisters just kinda... catch up! It's been a couple weeks since they've talked and the Chatty Sisters are as chatty as ever. In fact, they never really get passed their wine & love segment. Catch up with the Sisters as they talk about their favorite adventures over the last couple of weeks, how they're sad summer is already coming to an end (the August breakdown is in full force!), and more. For some unknown reason they spend a lot of time talking about weddings, bridesmaid dresses and sequins. Don't ask them why. If you're looking to pass the time during your drive to the Cape this weekend or to work today, then Kelly & Caroline are coming to your rescue!

Episode 21: Meet the Guys, Part 2

This week, the Chatty Sister's introduce Kelly's Husband, Eric, to the podcast! Following in suit with Caroline and Dan the week before, Kelly and Eric ask each other some questions followed by some (slightly inappropriate at times) rapid fire questions. Hear all about how Kelly and Eric REALLY met, how they think they've changed since having children, where they really want to travel to, and so much more. You'll also FINALLY get to hear Eric's Boston accent (and his Russian accent..) so that is reason enough to give this a listen! :)

Show Notes:

Ogunquit Maine, Finestkind Scenic Cruises (lobster boat ride- fun for kids and adults!)

Barnstable Recreation

Science Vs. 

Episode 20: Meet the Guys, Part 1

You heard that right. Kelly & Caroline are finally bringing their men on the podcast! Due to scheduling restraints, the Sisters thought this would be the perfect time to introduce two of the most referenced people on the show: Dan & Eric. This week, Dan attempts to overcome his nerves and fill Kelly's big shoes (voice?) on the podcast. Caroline and Dan take turns asking each other questions, ending with a bunch of rapid fire questions. Tune in to hear Dan's take on how he met Caroline, what the opening scene to a movie of Dan's life would be (you will NEVER guess. Like actually.), what Caroline says she wants to see when she looks back on her life in 40-50 years, and a whole lot more!

Show Notes:

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Episode 19: How We Plan & Bullet Journals!

This week the Chatty Sisters respond to a listener request for more information about bullet journals! They share all about their love for planning and how they do it. Caroline sings the praises of a 3 task "to do" list and Kelly talks about her obsession with her "habit tracker." By the end of the episode, Caroline was lost in a sea of bullet journal Instagram posts and ready to buy her own. You never know, it might happen to you too! 

Kelly's Get to Work Workbook:

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Episode 18: Weddings, Part 2

The Chatty Sisters are back after a week hiatus for the Fourth of July and they have exciting news! Caroline is engaged! For all those who thought this would never ever happen (no? Just Caroline?), you will be pleasantly surprised as she rehashes the entire day, and shares all the things that maybe people don't talk so much about when they get engaged. (LIKE THAT IT'S AWKWARD. NO??? NO ONE ELSE???? haha.) Laugh along as Kelly and Caroline talk about social media "announcements", destination weddings, wedding guilt, and so much more. Caroline may even sort of ask Kelly to be her Matron of Honor on this show. Not that we're giving anything away or anything!