Episode 65: The Enneagram

Oh hey! Kelly & Caroline are back today chatting about the Enneagram personality types and catching up on things like sickness, honeymooning and pregnancy stupidness. It’s a whole lot of fun. The Sisters aren’t totally sure what to think of the Enneagram and fully admit that they resisted this test for a while! Despite this though, they have fun digging into their personalities a bit more and just being back to podcasting! Who thinks they should post more frequently? Leave some encouragement on Instagram @chattysisterspodcast!

Episode 64: Caroline's Having a Baby!

The Chatty Sisters are back after a brief (two month..) hiatus and they have exciting news to share - Caroline's pregnant with a baby girl!! In this episode, the Sisters catch up on all the usual things.. their loves, wines, podcasts episodes and books. They also talk about the Caroline has loved and not so loved about being pregnant so far, and what she's looking forward to, as well as, nervous for about having a baby. Kelly provides Caroline with a few helpful tips about ways to get ready for baby, what to expect and answers dreaded the question, "Is Caroline's life over forever?" As always, the Chatty Sisters hope you laugh along with their silly dialogue and efforts to not take life too seriously!

Episode 63: Birth Order and Personality

On this week’s podcast, the Chatty Sisters are tackling birth order and the affects it plays on personality. As you probably already know, Kelly and Caroline LOVE talking about personality. Kelly, is the oldest of 3 kiddos. Her siblings are 5 and 7 years younger than her. Where as, Caroline is the middle child in the family. Caroline is 5 years younger than Kelly and 2 years older than her younger brother, Jake. The Sisters talk about their sibling dynamic growing up, their role in the family and how they think this shaped their personality today. They also discuss the big gap in age between them, how they feel about the number 3, and how Kelly is already seeing the sibling roles play out in her own children.

Episode 62: 2018 Favs & Recap

This week, the Chatty Sisters are recapping 2018: the highlights, the challenges faced, and more. Both Kelly & Caroline had a "big moment" in 2018 that had a lot of mental & emotional build-up. For Caroline, it was her wedding and, for Kelly, it was going back to teaching Kindergarten after a little extended maternity leave. They discuss life before/after this, and address questions people asked them in everyday life that they didn't know how to answer. The Sisters also share some favorite books, movies, tv shows, and podcasts of 2018. At the end of the show, they look ahead a little to 2019 and to the next Chatty episode!

Episode 61: Entertaining

On this episode of the Chatty Sisters, Kelly & Caroline cover entertaining. Since the holidays are right around the corner, this is often the most popular time of year to host a party or get together. The Sisters discuss what they like about hosting, what they don’t like, how much effort they put into hosting, what types of entertaining are their favorites, and their childhood memories of entertaining. As always, they go off on tangents including, but not limited to, the weather, skin care, and children’s books.

Episode 60: Preparing for the Holidays

This week, the Chatty Sisters are discussing what they’re doing to prepare for the holidays. They chat about how they decorate for the holidays, what they’re looking forward to, if they want to go sans-gifts this holiday season, and more. As usual, there are plenty of tangents including, Kelly discussing her new “quadrant” strategy for not overbooking their weekends. And so. much. laughing. Listen to the end to hear Kelly’s book recs and a podcast rec from Caroline.

Show Notes:

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Episode 59: Building Systems for Efficiency

This week, the Chatty Sisters are discussing the changes they’ve made over the last few weeks in an effort to spend less time doing the things they don’t like and MORE time with the people they love! They’ve decided that putting a bunch of systems in place is the easiest way to save time, reduce decision fatigue and get things done! Kelly & Caroline are talking meal planning, “Wednesday Meeting”, shopping for household/cleaning items, work “emergency kit” and uniforms, laundry, packing lunch and more! This episode is jam packed with helpful tidbits to be more efficient and, of course, lots of laughs. They can’t wait to hear what your favorite systems are! Join the conversation on Instagram at @chattysisterspodcast!

Episode 58: Back to School

The Chatty Sister's are headed back to school! Well.. really just Kelly. But Caroline is here for it. Since November 2016, Kelly has been on leave from her job as Kindergarten teacher to stay at home with her two kiddos, Max & Jack. Now she's headed back and Caroline has all kinds of questions for her: how are you feeling going back to work? What are you most nervous about? How are you preparing the kids for this transition? Are you happy with your decision to take a leave from work to be with your kids full-time? The Sisters chat all things back to school, how much they hate housework, Fall goals, and more. Join them on Instagram and share how you're feeling about going back to school and your Fall goals!

Episode 57: Music Throwbacks

This might be the Sister's most absurd episode yet. Be prepared to laugh so loud you can't actually hear the music they're playing. This week, the Chatty Sisters are talking about some songs that take them back to a certain moment/time in their life. From the 90s, early 2000s to today, they reminisce on some of their most life defining tunes. Share YOUR favorite throwback tunes on Instagram @chattysisterspodcast!